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Alumni , FEMBA , Class Of 2014

Meet Ivan E.

  • GAP
  • Business Development
  • Military


Interlaken, New Jersey Hometown
Director of Business Development, DPRA Current Position
United States Military Academy Alma Mater
International Relations Undergrad Major

Anderson Favorites

Course Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation
Student Clubs Veterans club
Moment My favorite memory was from our first team building exercise. It was designed to bring everyone closer, to get people excited about the program, and push some limits. The exercise highlighted to me how many smart and capable students were to my left and right. Whether I was interested in entrepreneurship, consulting, management, finance, or non-profits, there were students representing every field. It was an exhilarating feeling to be surrounded by so much knowledge and skill!

In Ivan's own words

"It was the best (highest ranked) option for me to earn my MBA without giving up my day job, and without moving. Anderson also had the option of doing an entire program through just Saturday classes, which worked well for me, as my job had unpredictable weekly travel requirements."