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Student , MBA , Class Of 2017

Meet Alexander C.

  • Improv
  • Tech
  • Marketing
  • African-American
  • beer aficionado
  • Wine Enthusiast


Los Angeles, CA Hometown
Brand Management Current Position
Cornell University Alma Mater
Applied Economics and Management Undergrad Major

Anderson Favorites

Course Leadership and Ethics
Student Clubs Black Business Student Association, Wine Club ,Asian Management Student Association ,Anderson Beer Club,Anderson Entertainment Association,Anderson Marketing Association,Anderson Creative
Moment My favorite moment by far was the Japan Spring Break trip hosted by the Japan America Business Association. It was my first time in Japan, which was exciting and a bit of culture shock. Relaxing in hot springs in Nagoya, enjoying sake from a sake museum in Kyoto, seeing an aerial view of Tokyo from the Sky Tree; these are all memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. It was also a great opportunity to connect and really get to know other Anderson students.

In Alexander's own words

"I chose Anderson Business School because the students, faculty, and administration truly embodied Anderson's mantra of shared success. I really felt Anderson students had a unique combination of smarts, career-drive, humility, and relaxed confidence that made the school feel like a really great fit. In addition, being exposed to the greater Los Angeles community and expanding my network on the West Coast was an opportunity I couldn't pass up."