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Student , MBA , Class Of 2020

Meet Jessica C.


Taipei Hometown
Entrepreneur Current Position
Cornell University Alma Mater
Hotel Administration Undergrad Major

Anderson Favorites

Student Clubs Wellness & Yoga, Sustainability @ Anderson,Anderson Student Association,Outdoor Adventure Club,Entrepreneurship Association
Moment My favorite was the White Elephant Gift Exchange we did with my Section. We all gathered at a classmates' apartment wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters and silly hats, and exchanged wrapped gifts. People brought their significant others and we all sat in a big circle, enjoying each others' company. At that moment, we were about to wrap up our first Fall quarter together, and I remember thinking how much I appreciated this group of people as I couldn't have made it without them!

In Jessica's own words

"Los Angeles is the best city ever - I wanted to be somewhere with a lively urban feel but still close to the beach and mountains. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I was also attracted to Anderson's resources to support startups, including the Business Creation Option, Anderson Accelerator, ACT Groups, etc. After visiting Anderson, I also connected best with the collaborative and down-to-earth people at Anderson."