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Alumni , FEMBA , Class Of 2021

Meet Scott M.

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Greenwich, CT Hometown
Vice President, Global Operations Current Position
Davidson College Alma Mater
Political Science Undergrad Major

Anderson Favorites

Course Patterns of Problem Solving
Moment Too many to consider! There was the EVI project where we contemplated an autonomous golf course lawn mower, the time we suggested Amazon start buying local farms, etc. But the best moments were in courses themselves. When going over materials, taking a contrarian viewpoint and challenging the discussio ndemonstrates how many different, valid, viewpoints there can be. The collective, real world, experience of our peers moves the discussion forward in a very thought provoking way!

In Scott's own words

"Four years ago, I embarked on a great adventure, relocating from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue an opportunity to be a leader at Hygiena. With a very small network in the LA area, I was excited to pursue an MBA at UCLA as a productive way to develop professionally and have some fun making new friends doing it! Two birds, one stone! Coming out of the Anderson School, I'm a better professional and have found LA to be a great place to live!"