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Student , FEMBA , Class Of 2024

Meet Sagar R.

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Jericho, NY Hometown
Ophthalmology Resident at UCLA Current Position
Case Western Reserve University Alma Mater
Biochemistry Undergrad Major

Sagar Bio

"I am an ophthalmology resident at UCLA pursuing my MBA. I have prior experience as a fund manager, and I am currently raising a venture capital seed fund focused on medtech, fintech, AR/VR, robotics, space, and the satellite industry."

Anderson Favorites

Course Business Law
Moment Having the intimate dinners with my FEMBA learning groups. It is a great opportunity to get to know your classmates well in this co-worker environment. We are all given the common tasks with assignments but then also get to bond at the bowling alley or the beach.

In Sagar's own words

"I chose Anderson to give me access to a great network of business minded individuals that will stay in Los Angeles long term. You automatically inherit a great group of classmates and alumni that can go on to being lifelong friends. In addition, the FEMBA program offers flexibility that works with my residency schedule."