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Alumni , FEMBA , Class Of 2014

Meet Oscar R.

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Los Angeles Hometown
Clinical Information Technology Liaison for the Office of the Chief Medical Officer with DaVita Healthcare Partners Inc Current Position
Duke University Alma Mater
BS in Biology Undergrad Major

Anderson Favorites

Course GAP
Student Clubs Healthcare Business Association,Latino Management Student Association
Moment Standing atop the 30 foot pole during Leadership Foundations watching a trapeze swing anywhere from 4 to 10 feet away. I'll never forget the rush I felt when I gripped that trapeze and heard my fellow classmates, still strangers to me at that time, clapping and hollering. It wasn't just the fear-induced adrenaline coursing through my veins at that moment that made this memorable but the feeling that I could conquer this journey I was about to embark on at Anderson and that I wasn't alone on it.

In Oscar's own words

"I was choosing between Anderson and Wharton's San Francisco Executive MBA program for their reputation and proximity. A few things tipped the scale for me towards Anderson. First, I had fellow co-workers at DaVita who I worked with and admired who not only recommended the program to me but recommended me to Dylan Stafford (Dean of UCLA FEMBA). Second, the UCLA campus and its faculty and resources were only a 15 minute drive away versus a 45 minute flight to a satellite campus in San Francisco with limited resources. Third, and most importantly, the fact that I would be exposed to the same faculty and academic rigor as the full-time students at Anderson made my return on investment of time and money more attractive if spent on Anderson than at Wharton's San Francisco program."